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How to configure Crushing Equipment for 2000t/h Sand Aggregate Production Line?

author:dahua time:2021-02-22

Whether the process selection of crushing equipment for an aggregate production line is reasonable is related to the production efficiency of the whole production line. When choosing, the following factors should be considered:

1. Acquisition of capacity and raw material information

Capacity demand; Properties of raw materials; Site conditions.

2. Crushing process and equipment selection

Choose crushing mode according to material strength and abrasion coefficient.

Choose crushing equipment according to crushing ratio.

Choose product model according to capacity size.

Optimizing design according to product quality and grading requirements.

Choose equipment as needed.

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3. Process flow design

The flow calculation is according to the process design and technical parameters, choose the appropriate belt conveyor and related ancillary equipment.

4. Crushing system planning and design

Production line layout scheme; Production line construction drawing design. 

How to configure the 2000t/h sand aggregate production line?

2000t stone crushing production line

Hard rock or corrosive material

For hard rock or corrosive materials, such as granite, the production line ≤2000t/h, choose jaw crusher + cone crusher. For the production line >2000t/h, the general choice of the  gyratory crusher + cone process. In the case of high quality aggregate production, most of these processes require shaping.

Medium hard and below non abrasive material

Medium hard and below non-abrasive materials, such as limestone, can choose jaw crusher+ cone crusher + vertical shaft impact crusher, jaw crusher + impact crusher, impact crusher + impact crusher, hammer crusher + impact crusher, jaw crusher + hammer crusher, jaw crusher + cone crusher + impact crusher. According to different rocks, different regions, different market requirements for products and different market prices of products, the appropriate scheme should be selected. At the same time, the non-uniformity coefficient of the design scheme is also different.

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