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How to configure the Modularized Sand Production Line?

author:dahua time:2019-07-05

The modularized sand production line is compact in structure and saves space. It is mostly applied to the construction site with narrow construction site. Because of its low investment cost and convenient installation and maintenance, it is favored by more and more investors. Then how to configure the modularized sand production line? Here, Luoyang Dahua answers your questions.

The modularized sand production line is suitable for the fine sand production and processing of various kinds of rocks, tailings and solid building resources. The main equipment is sand making machine, powder separator, air screen, wet mixer, bucket lift, and dust collector. Modular crushing and screening system is flexible and convenient, each module is independent and detachable, easy to assemble, disassemble and transport.

modularized sand production line

Advantages of modularized sand production line:

1. The granule produced by the modularized sand production line is round, continuous gradation, controllable stone powder content and adjustable fineness modulus, which can meet the requirements of dry mixing mortar, commercial concrete, asphalt concrete and high performance concrete.

2. Modularized sand production line has smooth process, high selection and matching degree, and high operation efficiency.

3. Modularized sand production line with small equipment foundation, reducing the floor area. All modules are easy to remove and reinstall, ensuring the project construction schedule, and can also be quickly relocated and reassembled according to construction needs.

Why choose Luoyang Dahua modularized sand production line?

Parameter of Dahua modularized sand production line

Maximum feed size: 1-40mm

Production capacity: 50-250 t/h

Needle flake content: < 5%

Stone powder content: 5-15% controllable

Luoyang Dahua modularized sand production line adopts modular building steel structure, three-dimensional layout, simple and smooth process. It is designed as a closed three-dimensional plant with multi-functions of crushing, shaping and sand making, covering a small area, no dust pollution, low noise, quick installation, and can also be used together with dry mixing production line and mixing plant to realize intensive management and high production efficiency. All modules are pre-factory trial assembly, shorten the site installation time. After the equipment arrives at the site, the company's technical staff will arrive at the site at the first time, install and debug for the customer, and conduct technical training for the operator. In the process of use, if the customer has any questions, the company will solve the problem within 12 hours. If you want to know more crusher equipment, please contact: