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How to do a Good Maintenance of the Roller Crusher and Wearing Parts

author:dahua1 time:2019-09-04

Roller crusher is mainly applying high speed rotation of special wear-resistant tooth roller to split the material. The traditional roller crusher adopts low speed pressing and crushing, which forms the mechanism of high productivity. Roll crusher is the preferred equipment of cement, mining, Quarrying and other industry, but in the use of the process must pay attention to the vulnerability of the protection and machine maintenance, so as to prolong the equipment life, improve the production efficiency of the equipment.

Luoyang Dahua Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Luoyang Dahua suggested that the majority of users in the use of roller crusher in the process to do the following work:

1. Pay attention to mine iron removing work while feeding, non broken (bit) fall into the double rolls will be broken machine, resulting in parking accident. Therefore, iron remover should be installed in front of the crusher;

2. The viscous material is easy to block the crushing space, in dealing with the jam fault should stop processing, not in the operation to carry on the;

3 when dealing with large pieces of material containing more, to pay attention to large chunks of ore from the broken space to squeeze out, in case of injury or damage to equipment;

4. Double roller crusher run a long time, due to the roller surface wear is large, it will cause the product granularity meticulous. This is the time to pay attention to adjust row ore mouth or on equipment maintenance;

5. Strengthen the inspection of the equipment of twin roll crusher, the equipment lubrication to regular refueling, to maintain the equipment in good lubrication condition. Pay attention to check the easy wear parts wear, always pay attention to the replacement of worn parts;

6. The installation of the new tyre prone to loosening must always check. Note that each part of the machine is working properly;

7. Put plane of the bottom of movable device, should remove dust and other matter lest machine cannot meet the broken material bearing activities cannot on the under frame mobile, resulting in serious accidents.