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How to do the Heat Dissipation and Cooling of Crusher Equipment in Summer?

author:dahua time:2018-06-28

1. The daily maintenance of crusher equipment should be done carefully. Check the equipment regularly, change the oil, adjust the belt, and check whether the rotor, hammer and other parts are working normally;


2. Timely clean the oil and dust of the motor body to ensure good heat dissipation;


3. Replace the equipment with the appropriate viscosity grade. Normally, the oil viscosity is higher in summer than that in other season. Motor oil and lubricants should be replaced with summer oil. Regularly check whether there is oil leakage, and replenish the oil if needed;


4. Check whether the cooling system and fuel system are smooth, replace the aging cable, plug, oil pipe, bolt and retighten the fuel pipe to prevent oil leakage;


5. Pay attention to the bearing temperature during working process. Normally, the bearing temperature should within 35 ℃, not exceeds 70 ℃;


6. Place the machine in the shade no matter under working condition or in downtime to prevent the equipment aging caused by long-time exposure, resulting in affecting the working quality and efficiency.