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What attentions need to be pay attention when use jaw crusher?

author:dahua time:2018-07-02

Now in the actual construction process, many customers are using jaw crusher. What attentions need to be pay atention?


1. Place the jaw crusher at a stable place. As we all know that jaw crusher will shake during working condition, if it is not installed at the stable place, jaw crusher may move. If one side is lower, it will lead the crusher roll over.


2. It is forbidden to feed the materials from side place, it must be fed from feeding opening. The loading of jaw crusher made by different crusher manufacturer has different requirement. Therefore, do not run with overload in case to damage the crusher.


3. Many jaw crusher may appear the phenomenun of long-term operation without resting, this is undoubtedly very dangerous. The damage of crusher is very big, and easy to reduce the service life.


4. Long time running has serious damage for the motor. Motor is the improtant part in the jaw crusher, which drives the machine regularly. So be sure to operate the crusher on time.