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Types of Vibrating Screen

author:dahua time:2018-07-03

Vibrating Screen is used for the screening of materials. In mining and metallurgy industry, it contains circular vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen, resonance screens, self centering vibrating screen and heavy vibrating screen. Today, we mainly introduce circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen.


1. Circular Vibrating Screen

Circular vibrating screen consists of self centering vibrating screen and heavy vibrating screen. The motion trail of the screen box is in a circle or ellipse .Generally, the vibrator of the circular vibrating screen has only one shaft and so it is called single shaft vibrating screen, which is mainly used for the classification of material granularities. It is usually incline mounted, works stable with high screening efficiency. 


2. Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear vibrating screen contains resonance screens. According to the layers of screen sieve, this type of screen could be classified as single-layer screen and double layers screen. The screen box motion trail of the liner vibrating screen is in a straight line. Screen contains two shafts, so it is called double-shaft vibrating screen. Linear vibrating screen is horizontally or incline mounted with impact structure and stable performance, which is widely used for material dehydration and desliming. It could also be used for the dry and wet classification for material with medium or fine granularities.


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