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How to extend the Service Life of the Jaw Plate for Jaw Crusher?

author:dahua1 time:2019-10-21

As we all know, the jaw crusher is composed of a working chamber composed of moving jaws and fixed jaws. The jaws and the fixed jaws are subjected to huge crushing force and material friction. In order to protect the jaws, they are generally mounted on the movable and fixed surfaces, this lining plate is also known as the crushing plate. The lining plate is one of the main components of the jaw crusher. The service life of the lining plate is directly related to the working efficiency and production cost of the equipment, and the lining plate carries all the crushing force of the material. So, how to extend the lining of the jaw crusher to improve the production efficiency of smashing and reduce the production cost of smashing? Today, we will take a look at the analysis of the causes of wear of the jaw crusher liner and the countermeasures.

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1. Analysis of materials.

If there is any debris in the jaw crusher liner, stress concentration will occur, and the edges of these inclusions will easily form cracks, which will reduce the contact fatigue life of the material. The state of the jaw crusher lining material, internal defects and the like also have an important influence on the wear. The mutation of the tissue components, the crystallites are fine and uniform and the carbides are spherical and evenly distributed, which are beneficial to improve the rolling contact fatigue life.

2. Blockage analysis.

In the process of using the compound pendulum jaw crusher, especially when there is a large crushing ratio, the blockage of the material is relatively serious, and the material is broken or cannot be broken. In this case, when the lining material has a large amount of inclusions, the rupture of the lining is easily caused by the large crushing force. At the same time, due to the wear and tear, the angle of the teeth is further increased, and the blockage is more serious, forming a vicious circle.

3. Installation analysis of feeding equipment.

The jaw crusher is mainly responsible for the crushing operation. Since it is a crushing operation, there is a feeding device. When the feeding equipment and the crushing equipment are operated closely, it is a process of upper and lower process deployment, and the feeding and crushing operations are completed together. After the installation and analysis of the field equipment, the installation angle and feeding distance of the feeding equipment are closely related to the excessive wear and tear of the crusher liner. When the feeding equipment angle is large, the feeding distance is increased, the feeding speed is increased, the buffering capacity is reduced, the gravity is increased, the number of crushing chambers is increased, the overall wear area of the lining plate is increased, and the wear is accelerated; on the contrary, the angle is given When the material distance is small, the feeding speed is reduced, the buffering capacity is increased, the gravity is decreased, the number of times of crushing chambers is reduced, the wear area of the liner is reduced, and the wear time is shortened.

4. Analysis of fastening methods.

It has been proved by practice that the lining fixing bolt plays the role of protecting the lining during operation. In the production process, the material and the lining plate have a great force, especially when continuously working or crushing materials with high hardness and large size, the lining bolt is easily loosened by the vibration force to cause the lining to slide down, fall off or wear.

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1. Reasonable design of the crushing cavity type to reduce the stress of the lining and the ore;

2. Control the quality requirements of the tendering link materials, production process, arrival acceptance, various parameters, and reduce the surface roughness of the lining to improve the fatigue wear capacity;

3. Control the size of the underground mining and crushing the original ore, calculate the reasonable eccentric shaft speed, and avoid the internal organization changes caused by the blockage of the crushing chamber and the discharge of the blasting to the lining;

4. Strictly control the installation standard, and arrange it in a reasonable manner according to the site;

5. The large fasteners are replaced by spring bolts. Because the springs are pressed to a certain extent by the nuts, they can produce a strong anti-vibration effect. When vibrating, the springs automatically compensate for the breaking force and ensure that the bolts are not as for loosening, thus extending the service life of the lining.