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How to learn and inherit the spirit of craftsman as a mechanical worker?

author:dahua1 time:2018-05-31

First of all, we must love our own work, we must continue to self-discipline in our daily work, continue to learn and upgrade their professional skills, keep up with the pace of enterprise development, and contribute their own strength for the development of the enterprises.

As a front-line worker at the grassroots level, whether it is machining or welding, gas cutting, regardless of your academic qualifications, how to do a good job is the key. First, we must have our own set of working methods, you must have enough confidence that if we rely on our hard work and diligence, we can surpass it, and we can progress. We should believe that all difficulties are paper tigers in front of those who are determined and prepared.

In the machinery manufacturing industry, brands do not rely on advertising, but rely on excellent product quality, excellent and stable performance, and thoughtful and considerate services, which is bought from the reputation of customers. As a 100-year-old company, we all staff will always put quality first, unqualified parts must not be stored in the warehouse, unqualified products must not leave the factory, and all processes and departments must have perseverance, meticulous work style, and strict product quality. Advanced equipment is manufactured by people again. Only by continuously improving their own quality, learning advanced technology, constantly improving themselves, improving themselves, and giving full play to their intelligence, diligence and diligence in their own jobs, I believe that in the future, we can all become great power craftsmen.