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How to maintain Crusher Machine in Winter?

author:dahua time:2017-11-28

It is known that the oil and water are easy to be frozen in winter, starting the machine is more difficult, and the parts abrasion and oil consumption are increased. Especially for the outdoor production, many mining equipments cannot work properly due to the weather effect. The maintenance of crusher machine in winter is as follows:


1. Replace the winter specialized lubrication oil and grease. Before change the oil, keep the machine clean.


2. Choose the diesel with low condensation point so as to reduce the fuel consumption.


3. Check electrical connection of storage battery, charge the battery and maintain preheating device.


4. Maintain start motor, and raise charging voltage of electric generator.


5. Check the breaking fluid is sufficient or not in the break system.


6. Check the spare parts of crusher and solve the problem immediately.


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