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How to solve the Crash Sound of Jaw Crusher?

author:dahua time:2019-08-28

Why jaw crusher will appear crash sound during load production? How to solve it? Here, Luoyang Dahua listed the reasons and solutions for solving jaw crusher crash sound.

● Jumping or banging sound of movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate

The reason:

1) the fastening bolt of the jaw plate is loose or falls off;

2) the discharge opening is too small and the bottom of the two jaw plates collide with each other.


1) tighten or complete bolts;

2) adjust the discharge opening to ensure the correct gap between the two jaw plates.

jaw plate crash sound

● There was a knock at the back of the frame

The reason:

1) the pull rod is not tightened, so the toggle plate impacts the pad of the movable jaw and adjustment seat;

2) spring and spring seat impact each other;

3) the liner fastener is slack and the board hammer hits the liner;

4) breaking of hammer or other parts.


1) tighten the tie rod;

2) install the spring seat in place and tighten the pull rod nut to the appropriate position;

3) check the tightness of the lining plate and the gap between the hammer and the lining plate;

4) replace the broken parts.

jaw crusher

● Jaw plate vibrates, producing a metal crash

The reason:

1) jaw plate fixing bolt is loose;

2) the pad of jaw plate falls off;

3) fixed wedge is not tight.


1) stop the operation, check the fixing screw and tighten it;

2) repair the pad, and replace it if it falls off;

3) compress the wedge.

● Thrust plate appear impact sound

The reason:

1) insufficient spring tension or damaged spring, and support pad worn;

2) the fastening bolt cap is not locked.


1) adjust the spring tension, replace the spring and support pad;

2) tighten the nut and adjust to the proper tightness.


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