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Inspection of Ball Mill during Running Process

author:dahua time:2019-04-24

Ball mill is used for grinding various kinds of rocks and other materials, which is widely applied in mineral separation, building materials and chemical industries. It includes dry and wet grinding method. What should be checked during operation?

1. Check whether the operation of each part is normal, whether there is abnormal vibration and abnormal sound, whether the bolt of each part is loose.

2. Check whether the transmission device has significant vibration, noise or oil leakage.

3. Check the lubrication condition of gears.

4. Check whether the operation parameters displayed on the touch screen and the instrument are normal.

5. Check the temperature of spindle bush, main motor bush and pinion bush beside the ball mill.

ball mill

6. Check the temperature, pressure, flow and other parameters of the hydraulic system and lubrication system.

7. Check whether the oil level, oil temperature, oil pressure, flow rate and other parameters of lubrication station and hydraulic station are normal.

8. Check whether the sound and temperature of oil pump and motor in lubricating station and hydraulic station are normal and run smoothly.

9. Check whether the air compressor and dry oil injection system are working normally.

10. Check whether there is any ore leakage in the feeding and discharging pipelines.

11. Check the production status of ball mill, prevent over grinding, running coarse and bulging, and ensure the completion of production and process indexes.

12. Check whether the load current of the synchronous machine is normal; If abnormal changes of voltage and current are found, take effective measures in time.

13. Check whether the pneumatic clutch is slipping, smoking and working normally.