Product Knowledge

The Installation of Complex Crusher

author:dahua1 time:2019-04-24

1. Clean the dirt on the outside of crusher, check whether there are missing parts or the machine is damaged during transportation.

2. Measure whether the anchor bolt size is conform to the machine requirement, if not, should amend.

3. Place the main machine on the foundation, taking the upside of main shaft belt pulley as the reference to make sure the machine is vertical.

4. Place the components of main machine on the concert foundation, adding spacer to level the motor belt pulley and main shaft belt pulley.

5. Adjust the feeding hopper position to make it meet the production requirement (Bolt hole spacing between top cover and barrel should be shift according to the usage position)

6. During secondary grouting, fine leveling the upside of belt pulley, and adjust the belt center to make V-belt tighten after the cement solidifying. At the same time, the V-belt can rotate freely by hand.

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