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Structural Features of HPY Cone Crusher

author:dahua1 time:2019-04-25

In this text, we will talk about the structural features of HPY cone crusher.

1. The reasonable combination of high swing frequency of crushing part and the large stroke eccentric bushing greatly improve the through capacity of multi-cylinder cone crusher. This crusher works under the constant discharge opening to avoid changing of discharge opening that cause by up and down floating during single cylinder main shaft production.

2. Unique crushing cavity adopts high energy lamination principle to transfer more power to make crushing not only occurred between grain and liner plate, but also occurred among grains. Therefore, the output is higher, the abrasion of wearing parts is less, and the grain shape is cube shape with less elongated particles.

3. Fixed axis design. The main shaft does not move during production, which greatly increases its strength, and achieve more installed power. Furthermore, its weight is greatly reduced compared with traditional cone crusher.

4. Bi-directional iron passing hydraulic cylinder makes the iron passing crushing cavity smoothly, hydraulic cleaning for crushing cavity has large stroke to reduce the workload caused by cleaning the blocked materials in crushing cavity. 

5. All accessories can be dismounting and repairing from top or side of the machine, easy to replace mantle and concave ring without disassembling frame and loosing bolts.

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