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Inspects of the Ball Mill before Running

author:dahua1 time:2018-11-15

There are some inspects of the ball mill before running:

1. Check whether there is enough oil in the oil tank and whether the oil quality meets the requirements to clean the filter.

2. Test the oil pump to check whether the oil pump and pipeline have oil leakage phenomenon and failure.

3. Whether the oil pressure is between 0.5-1.2kg/cm2.

4. Whether the joint screws of each part are loose. 

5. Whether the gears and couplings are loose or not, whether the elastic coupling aprons are seriously worn.

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6. Whether the lubrication of the transmission gear surface is in the presence of ore or other foreign matter.

7. If there is any obstacle in the wear of the ore and the feeding box, if there is any obstacle, if it is there, it will be removed.

8. Check the contact situation of electric carbon brush.

9. Check whether there is foreign body between the motor stator and rotor.

10. Check the grounding and insulation of all parts of the motor.

11. Check whether the ammeter pointer is at zero.