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Analysis of Easy Breaking Problem of Vibrating Screen Beam

author:dahua1 time:2018-11-14

Vibrating screen is widely used in mine production. It is important equipment for mine production. Due to the harsh operating environment, high operating frequency, long running time, etc., the vibration screen box cracking and beam breakage often occur, which seriously affects the continuous production. The elimination of a series of factors causing equipment failures has better solved the cracking of the vibrating screen box, the frequent breakage of the beam, and the multiple problems, ensuring smooth production.

1. Overview and principle

Circular vibrating screen is widely used in mine production. It is important screening equipment for mines. Whether the equipment can operate stably affects the smooth production of mines. The working principle is that the motor drives the vibrator equipped with the eccentric block on both sides of the screen box, and the centrifugal force generated by the eccentric block when the vibrator rotates drives the vibrating screen to regularly vibrate, a and a certain size of screen net is installed to achieve the effect of screening materials.

2. Equipment problems

In the process of production and operation, the vibrating screen often causes accidents such as cracking of the vibrating screen box and beam breakage due to various reasons, which has serious impact on production. Some factories and mines cannot even compete for production due to this reason, causing serious losses. 

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3. The reason that the beam of equipment is easy to break and the screen box is cracked

Through years of equipment management practice and multiple accident analysis and processing experience, there are four main reasons for cracking of the vibrating screen box and beam breakage:

1) If the production load is too large, the equipment will be overloaded, the equipment will not be able to withstand the cracking of the screen box, and the beam will be broken;

2) The spare parts installed in the sieve case are loose due to various reasons, and the vibration and vibration of the vibrating screen after loosening will generate resonance, resulting in the cracking failure of the vibrating screen;

3) Due to the design reasons, the design of the steel box of the screen box is relatively thin, and it cannot adapt to the harsh production environment, causing cracking of the equipment;

4) Vibrating screen yaw vibration causes cracking of the vibrating screen.