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Introduction of Electro-Vibrating Feeder

author:dahua time:2019-01-16

Electro-vibrating feeder is a type of quantitative feeding equipment, used for the quantitative, uniform and continuous transfer of block, particle and powder materials from the storage bin to the receiving device, with high feeding efficiency, excellent directional performance, simple structure, stable and reliable work and other characteristics.

Maintenance of electro-vibrating feeder

1. Check whether the hoisting device is loose. If the hoisting device is loose, it will make the four corners of the electro-vibrating feeder unbalanced and affect the feeding quality. 

2. The seal cover of the vibrator must be well covered to prevent dust from entering, to block the gap between the plate springs, and to regularly clean the seal cover for dust accumulation.

3. Frequently check the feed trough amplitude and coil current, pay attention to whether the sound of the machine is normal, if the sound suddenly become louder, or found a crash sound, to carefully analyze the cause, and immediately stop processing.

4. The air gap between the core and the armature must be balanced at any time, and the bolts should be checked at any time to check whether the bolts are loose and the gap is normal. If the bolt is loose or the plate spring is broken, the air gap between the core and the armature should be changed or hit, which should be dealt with immediately.

vibrating feeder

Characteristics of electro-vibrating feeder  

1. Small size, light weight, simple structure, easy installation, no rotating parts, no lubrication, easy maintenance, and low operating costs.

2. Adoption of resonance principle of mechanical vibration, the double body works in the state of low critical subresonance, so it consumes less energy.

3. Since the feed flow can be changed, opened and closed instantaneously, the feed quantity has higher precision.

4. Because the materials in the feed tank are continuously thrown up in the process of feeding, and jump forward according to the parabolic trajectory, it has less wear on the feed tank.

5. Electro-vibrating feeder generally adopts half-wave rectifier or SCR half-wave rectifier lines, so in the use of the process, it can be convenient to adjust the amount of feed, and easy to achieve the production process of centralized control and automatic control.