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Low Sand Production Rate of Sand Making Machine

author:dahua time:2019-12-18

Recently, the customer will say the sand making machine output is not high, what is the cause of low sand production rate? The sand production rate not only relates to the equipment performance, but also relates to many aspects, such as material hardness, viscosity, humidity and composition.

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1. Material hardness

Stone hardness is the key factor that affects the crushing difficulty in the stone production line. The harder the ore, the larger the density is, the more difficult to be crushed. So the production efficiency is lower, and the machine abrasion is more serious. It not only reduces the production rate, but also damages the sand making machine. Therefore, we need to choose the materials with moderate hardness.

2. Material viscosity

The higher the material viscosity is, the easier to be stuck to the sand making machine. High viscosity of the material adhered to the inner wall of the sand making machine, will affect the efficiency of the sand making machine. So we need to choose the material with less viscosity. 

3. Material humidity

When the moisture in the material is large, the material is easy to adhere to the inner wall of the sand making machine, and in the transportation process is also easy to cause the sand making machine jam, reduce the sand making ability, affect the normal work of the sand making machine. Therefore, we should control the material viscosity.

4. Material composition

The more fine powder there is in the material before sand making, the greater the impact, because the fine powder tends to stick to the material and thus affect the transportation. Therefore, we should screen out fine powder from the material as far as possible, so as not to affect the normal work of the sand machine.

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In addition, it is the truth that after using for a period of time, the sand production rate of sand making machine will decline. In order to better improve the sand production rate, the customers need to pay attention to the following items in daily production:

1. Check the rotation speed of main spindle and impeller. If the impeller speed is slow, the throwing speed is not enough, this will cause the impacting force among materials and the force on the guard plate is weak, the sand production rate is naturally not high, so it is important to ensure that the speed is within the normal range.

2. Good seal is very importance. The sealing parts of sand making machine will begin to wear after using for a long time. If the sealing is not replaced, the dust is easy to enter into the bearing or the oil circuit, making the lubrication oil of sand making machine lose its effect. The bearing wear will speed up, life will be reduced, so must regularly check the sealing.

3. Pay attention to shock absorption. Excessive vibration not only affects the working state of sand making machine and its components, but also reduces the service life of sand making machine. Therefore, shock absorption should be done well.

4. Working based on oil temperature alarm. If the oil temperature of sand making machine is too high, it means the bearing heating is serious, should stop the machine in time and solve the problem.

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