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Attentions to Increase the Output of Sand and Gravel Production Lines

author:dahua1 time:2019-12-19

Sandstone is an industry that is currently developing rapidly. As the main raw material for many infrastructure projects, its demand can be said to have doubled. If a sandstone plant wants better economic benefits, it must first increase its output. . Improving the efficiency of sand and gravel production lines and maximizing profit have always been the concerns of sand and gravel manufacturers. Today, let's summarize four points that must be paid attention to increase the output of sand and gravel production line.

1. Select high-efficiency equipment

Only by choosing a stone crusher and auxiliary equipment can it bring high efficiency. In order to obtain the efficiency of efficient sand and gravel production line, attention must be paid to the choice of manufacturers. It is necessary to choose a professional and formal manufacturer, and to clarify its actual work needs. The choice of the device is based on the stone output and production intensity that they need. When purchasing equipment, pay attention to the output matching of each host, such as the feeding amount of the vibrating feeder and the crushing capacity of the jaw crusher, and the hourly output of the sand washing machine, etc., all users need to pay attention when purchasing and be equipped with appropriate Production equipment, in order to avoid the output of the equipment in the early stage is too large, the subsequent equipment cannot be processed, material blocking, overflow, etc. occur!

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2. Guarantee standard operation

Equipment from regular manufacturers is equipped with instruction manuals. Before operating the stone crusher, staff must be familiar with the equipment manual and fully understand how to use all equipment correctly.

3. Keep checking

Before each start-up operation, carry out a full inspection to ensure that the configuration of the sand and gravel production line can meet the needs of the operation. Before starting the machine for production and processing operations, be sure to ensure that all equipment is free of any problems, and pay attention to the daily maintenance of each host to avoid Affecting the overall production capacity of the sand and gravel production line, the maintenance of the equipment is both the foundation and the guarantee. Regular maintenance and repair of the equipment to reduce the equipment failure rate can ensure the overall production efficiency of the production line.

4. Pay attention to the conversion steps

Because there are different regulations and requirements for each operation, everyone needs to pay attention to the sequence of the sand and gravel production line, adjust the feeding and production steps and rhythm before starting the work, and pay attention to adjusting the speed of the belt conveyor to avoid overflow; The continuity of the material conveyed by the conveyor can avoid equipment jamming or no-load operation due to the conveyor conveying conditions, causing equipment damage or waste of resources, so that the quality of stone processing can be effectively controlled and a unified and coordinated state can be maintained.

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