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How much sand is produced by 850 Sand Making Machine? Can it be used to for 100 tph Sand Making Production Line?

author:dahua time:2019-12-20

Sand making machine is the core equipment of sand making production line, the sand production rate of sand making machine determines the capacity of the whole sand making production line. 850 sand making machine is one of the models of fine sand making machine, which is more used in the small-scale sand making production line, and can also be used in the production of mobile crushing station. Sand making machine can be used singly to produce sand, with the output control device, can process different particle size of finished sand. The throughput capacity of 850 sand making machine is 75-345 t/h, which can be used for sand making and high-speed fine crushing shaping. The actual sand production rate will be different according to the properties of materials. 

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How much sand is produced by 850 sand making machine?

According to the physical and chemical properties of different materials and the actual configuration of the production line, the actual amount of sand making machine will be different. However, on the premise of operating the equipment in accordance with the operating procedures correctly, with a reasonable feed, the actual yield will not differ much from the theoretical yield. The theoretical sand production rate of 850 sand making machine is 30-140 t/h. Fine crushing sand making machine performance is stable, can processing a certain viscosity of material, but from the angle of humidity, even the same device, different material humidity, may also affect the actual amount of sand production, so 850 sand making machine's actual production rate may fluctuate within the theory scope.

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Can 850 sand making machine be used for 100 tph sand making production line?

The sand production capacity of 850 sand making machine is about 30-140 tons, which can be used for the production of 100 tons sand making production line. The fine sand making machine is impact-type sand making machine, the production rate of finished product is much higher, can avoid excess material crushing, reduce the proportion of the needle sheet material, the sand quality is higher. In sand making production process, with vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, vibrating screen and other equipment, can be used for limestone, granite, river pebbles and other hard materials sand making production.

Advantages of fine sand making machine: impeller with deep cavity design makes the materials be broken more thoroughly; It has the function of shaping and crushing, and the product is cubic with high bulk density. The air flow inside the vortex chamber is self-circulation, with less dust and less noise. The machine can also adopt the high rotating speed above 80 m/s, which is used for the re-fine shaping of coarse sand grains in sand and stone aggregate processing industry, so as to optimize the gradation of finished sand grains.

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