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How to Choose a Hammer Crusher with an Output of 100-300 T/H?

author:dahua1 time:2019-12-20

Heavy hammer crusher is a hammer crusher with advanced structure design and large floor area. It can complete the shape of stone crushing at one time, simplify the crushing process, eliminate secondary crushing, and have a large crushing rate. Gravel production lines are more commonly used and favored by users. So what is the model of heavy hammer crusher? What is the output? Here's a detailed introduction to help users make better purchases.

The output of the heavy hammer crusher is between 100-300 tons per hour, which can fully meet the production needs of users, but the output corresponding to each model has a certain range, otherwise improper maintenance will also affect the output of the equipment, so the actual The output can only be determined based on the actual situation.

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How to increase the output of heavy hammer crushers?

1. Material control

Each type of heavy hammer crusher has different inlet and outlet sizes and processing capabilities. Therefore, in production, the type, hardness and hardness of the material to be processed must be uniformly and quantitatively determined according to the actual conditions of the equipment. Do not squeeze materials that the device cannot squeeze.

2. Repair and maintenance of equipment

Regularly inspect and maintain the equipment. Although there are no major faults, long-term operation will cause greater wear and tear. Equipment maintenance can solve problems in time, avoid major problems, and prolong the service life of equipment and increase production.

Advantages of heavy hammer crusher:

1. Simplify the process through one-time molding, which can reduce crushing costs, reduce system energy consumption, and reduce waste of resources, easy replacement of parts, simple operation, low maintenance costs, low overall use costs, and short investment payback periods.

2. Using more advanced dust removal and noise reduction technology, the system has good air tightness, which can reduce dust and noise during operation. In addition to the spraying device, under multiple effects, the green environmental protection effect is obvious, and there is no dust scattering and environmental pollution.