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Maintenance of Jaw Crusher Components

author:dahua time:2017-11-06

Jaw Crusher is the primary crushing machine, which has great importance in mining industry. Luoyang Dahua, as the leading enterprise in China crushing & grinding machine manufacturer, produces many types of jaw crusher to fully meet the requirements from the customers. It is well known that jaw crusher will be worn after long time used, and how to maintain these components? Now we will talk about key components maintenance of jaw crusher.


1. If the eccentric shaft just worn a little bit, we can use lather to lathe them in right shape, meanwhile, we need to narrow the inner diameter of the shaft. Whereas if the size of the shaft is smaller more than 5% compared with its original size, we should consider replacing a new one. 


2. As for the bearing bush, we usually cast them after used for two years. If the eccentric shaft, bearing bush or mandrel are worn out and the gap between them is around 1.5 times larger than its original gap. Then we need to add spacers to adjust it or replace them with new parts.


3. If the oil groove is worn out more than 1.5mm, it is necessary to rebuild the oil groove.


4. If the gap between the upper cover of the connecting rod and eccentric shaft is 1.5 times larger than its original installation, we need to add spacers to adjust it or replace them with new parts. 


5. If the Babbitt metal on the bearing bush is worn out or has severe scratch, we usually recast this part.


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