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Selection Principle of Mineral Processing Equipment

author:dahua time:2017-11-02

The complete mineral processing production line includes jaw crusher, cone crusher, ball mill, grading machine, floatation machine and other related equipments. The production line is featured with high efficiency, low energy consumption, large processing capacity and economy.


The processing flow carefully configured by Luoyang Dahua meets the requirements of various kinds of ores. Our company supply customized solution according to the client actual situation, such as production capacity, feeding size, and mineral characteristic, etc.


Selection principle of mineral processing equipment


1. The main machine must be of advanced technology, running reliable and stable, with high production efficiency and eco-friendly.

2. Try to choose the large-sized equipment according to the production scale, to reduce the machine quantity, save floor space, lower investment costs and management costs, and improve working efficiency.

3. Choose the proper equipment based on the ore physical and chemical properties, like granularity, water content and silt content.

4. The auxiliary equipment must be matched with the main equipment. The load rate of used equipments should be balanced, and the machine applied for the same work must of the same type.


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