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Method of prolonging the Service Life of Sand Washer

author:dahua time:2017-10-31

Sand washer is a traditional sand washing machinery, which plays an important role in the sand production line. How to prolong its service life?


1. Pay attention to the routine maintenance of sand washer

Generally speaking, for a machine like sand washer that is always contact with water, it's better to clean the sand in wheel after using and place it at the ventilated place to ensure that there are no water and sand inside the machine, so as not to rust the inner spare parts. Moreover, it is prohibited to put any materials not up to the specification into the machine to prevent damage from happening.


2. Regularly inspection

This inspection is proceeded after the machine is used for a while. Check the connecting bolts and the connection position. Adjust it if necessary; Electrical equipment should be earthed, and the wire is put inside the tube with good insulation.