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Management Measures for Construction Waste Reduction

author:dahua1 time:2019-03-06

1. Strengthen the organization and management of construction, improve the management level of construction, and reduce the waste of construction materials and waste caused by rework due to construction quality. Strengthen the site management, do a good job in each link of the construction, improve the construction output, effectively reduce the generation of waste.

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2. Strengthen the awareness of environmental protection of construction personnel on the construction site. Many of the construction waste on the construction site, if the construction personnel attention could greatly reduce discharge of it, such as French grey, redundant mortar, concrete, and three separate brick, etc., finish do work in construction field, excess material recycling in time, using environmental protection not only, still can reduce material waste, saving the cost.

3. Popularize new construction technology to avoid construction waste caused by damage and damage of construction materials during transportation, storage and installation, improve construction precision of structure, and avoid waste caused by chipping or repairing. Avoid unnecessary packaging of construction waste products.

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