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Vibrating Screen Safety Operation Procedures

author:dahua1 time:2019-03-05

1. Preparation before starting

(1) Before starting, it must be strictly checked whether the transmission system is normal and reliable, whether the screen box, the spring is broken, the rivets, and the bolts are loose.

(2) Before operation, carefully check the screws, wire rope, screen mesh, vibration spring, bearing lubrication and electric vibration feeder and electrical control part of the mechanical parts, whether there is any debris jam in the material feeding tank, and then start the machine.

(3) Check the screen surface for any debris.

(4) Check if the lubrication of each lubrication part is good.

(5) The motor running part should have a protective cover, and the cuff should be tied when checking the running part.

(6) Always keep the equipment and workplace clean and hygienic.

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2. Start and run

(1) After receiving the start signal, contact the belt conveyor station, then press the start button, and then feed the vibrating screen after the motor is normal.

(2) Always check the motor and vibration of the exciter bearing during operation, observe whether the bearing is hot, whether the screen is loose, whether the motor temperature is normal, whether the wire rope is loose, prevent the wooden wedge of the screen from falling, causing blockage, and measuring vibration. There is no abnormal noise in the sieve, and abnormal conditions should be stopped.

(3) Observe the vibration condition of the vibrating screen and whether the amplitude is within the specified range.

3. Parking

(1) When parking, all materials must be processed after the screen surface is pressed before pressing the stop button to stop.

(2) When parking, it is necessary to observe whether there is a collision and excessive amplitude when the vibrating screen passes through the resonance point, and if there is an abnormal situation, even if it is reported.

(3) Equipment maintenance and civilized production must be done after parking.