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How to Choose Limestone Crushing Production Line?

author:dahua time:2019-03-04

Limestone production line is often seen in cement production line, the selection of crushing system and crushing equipment should be analyzed in detail according to the specific situation, and finally determined.

limestone crushing line

1. Crushing Purposes

During cement production procedure, we need to crush the raw material, fuel material and clinker to facilitate following convenient transportation and conservation, creating a good systematic procedure for good working condition. As a consequence, during the construction of cement plant, material crushing process, as the staring procedure, enough attentions should be paid. 

2. The Possibility of Raw Material Crushing  

The raw material for cement production is mixed with material like limestone, silicon materials as well as other shaping material, according to a certain percentage. 

Raw material has various of kinds, and their formation are also very complicated, hence, it is imperative for crushing system selection. The main factors that may influence the crushing properties are demonstrated below:

(1) Material Moisture Content: The moisture content is relative to rock structure (granularity structure, crystal structure, poriness and water supplement condition. 

(2) The hardness of the material: The hardness of the material refers to the force that one object can withstand from the invasion of outer force, which is usually measured by Morse.

(3) Material Compressive Strength: Compressive strength is the benchmark of measuring the force that one objects can withstand. The compressive strength is termed as the limitation crushing ratio.

(4) Crushing Possibility: Rocks compose of different sorts of solid mineral. By utilizing different methods of force exertion, the crushing effect will also be different. So in engineering projects there have many crushing method, like impact crusher, cutting crusher and grinding crusher.

(5) Crushing abradability: Crushsing abradability is relative to it's Morse hardness. The higher the hardness, the abradability is larger. When rocks containing hard minerals (e.g., quartz), abradability is also increased. Crushing abradability is also related to the grain size of hard minerals.

limestone crushing equipment

3. Selection of Crusher 

(1) When soil content in limestone is less than 5%, single rotor hammer crusher can be selected, when crushing ratio is reasonable, can also choose impact crusher.

(2) When soil content in limestone is more than 5%, and its moisture is more than 7%, choose double rotor hammer crusher.

(3) When limestone abradability is high, choose impact crusher. If its abradability is high enough and hard to crush, you should consider two stage crushing.

(4) If cement plant use high moisture materials, such as chalk and marl, as the raw material, above crushing methods are not adapted to the material, should choose tooth roller crusher or dryer-crusher.

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