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Modern Green Sand and Stone Production Line becomes the Mining Enterprising Development Trend

author:dahua time:2019-08-30

The establishment of modern sand and stone production line is the current development factor of the enterprise. Build green mines, realized enterprise upgrade, adjust its structure, and eventually achieve high-quality development.

Modern sand and stone production line is a new type of sand and stone production line concentrated with green, environmental protection and intelligence. Through noise reduction, dust removal and waste water treatment, change people's opinion of "high noise, high dust and high emission" in traditional sand-stone production line, replacing the production line with small amount, low production capacity and high pollution.

Modern sand production line is designed based on standardization, modularization and serialization, linked with communication network, with multistage computer network system structure of centralized display operation management and dispersion controlling, all information are monitored through a communication network by the computer monitoring and management, achieves the dispersion of function, load and danger.

modern and green sand production line

Configuration of modern sand and stone production line

1. Crushing equipment: crushers are used for stone crushing, sand making machine is for sand making. The rocks after primary crushing, fine crushing and sand making, are screened into finished products.

2. Auxiliary production equipment: vibrating feeder, circular vibrating screen, belt conveyor and other auxiliary production equipment, in a modern sand and stone production line, these are essential.

3. Centralized electric control device: computer monitoring device is located in the centralized control room, integrating intelligent technology and intelligent control mode, which can greatly reduce labor management costs and realize high-standard operation.

4. Green environmental protection device: each modern sand and stone production line is equipped with dust removal, desiccating device, dust collection, spraying system. Once started, can achieve dust-free operation, green environmental protection and intelligent.

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