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Detailed Introduction of Cone Crusher

author:dahua1 time:2019-08-30

In accordance with the scope of use of cone crusher, it is divided into coarse and medium crushing and fine crushing. Coarse cone crusher is also called rotary crusher, fine crushing cone crusher is also called mushroom cone crusher. Due to the large crushing ratio, high efficiency, less power consumption, uniform product size, cone crusher is used for crushing of hard and brittle materials characteristics, so at home and abroad are widely used.

(1) The working principle of the cone crusher

The cone crusher is a movable cone which is used for the crushing of the material by the eccentric rotation of the outer cone in the other fixed outer cone. When the movable cone is close to the outer cone, the material is crushed between the two cones. When the movable cone is away from the fixed cone, the crushed material is discharged through the dead weight function and is discharged through the discharging port. The crusher's working is continuous.

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(2) The structure of the cone crusher

Cone crusher is mainly composed of a base, a movable cone, fixed cone shaft, an eccentric sleeve and a transmission part. Cone crusher machine seat installed on concrete foundation and the fixed cone fixed on the frame, movable cone installation in vertical and inclined in in the eccentric sleeve (spindle center line and center of body line angle about 2-3 degrees). The motor through the speed reducer drives the eccentric sleeve movement cycle. When the eccentric sleeve is rotated, the trajectory of the center line of spindle in space is a conical surface, the vertex is about 4-6 degrees, because the movable fixed cone and the crushing materials rub against each other, the movable cone and uranium and surround the center of rotation of the line. In this way, the movable cone rotates in a fixed cone, and the material block is pressed on the inner wall of the fixed cone to make the material broken. Material from the upper feed port of people, products discharged from the two cone bottom clearance. Through the nut to adjust the two cone clearance, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the size of the material. Due to the rotation movement of the movable cone, the particle size of the broken product can be uniform, and the movable cone lining plate can be evenly worn.

(3) Wear parts of cone crusher

The friction between the movable cone and the fixed cone in the cone crusher make material crushed, and the wear of the movable cone and the fixed cone lining plate is obvious. Therefore, lining material must be made of resistant materials, general high manganese steel casting. The lining board of the movable cone and fixed cone must be replaced in a timely manner.

Compared with jaw crusher, cone crusher structure is more complex, expensive, and foundation construction cost is high. Therefore, in the current carbon factory, electric carbon factory is seldom used.