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Operating Execution Points of Cone Crusher

author:dahua1 time:2019-03-27

1. A uniform center feed must be continued, and filling the feed can increase work efficiency. (Per shift)

2. Check the oil return screen for copper and iron filings. (Per shift)

3. Check the oil level of the lubricant. (Per shift)

4. Check and record the lubrication system and hydraulic system pressure to check if the filter element is clogged. (Per shift)

5. Check the wear of the liner. (Per shift)

6. Check the status of all bolts and their fasteners. (Per shift)

7. Check lubricant contamination. (Per shift)

8. Check that the discharge area is clear and remove the accumulated material and debris from the rack. (Per shift)

9. Fill the adjusting ring with grease when the adjusting ring is not locked. (Every week)

10. Check and tighten the V-belt. (Every week)

11. Inspect and dispose of all piping to avoid oil leakage. (Every week)

12. Inspect and tighten the distributor plate bolts. (Every week)

13. Check the electrical interlock of the cone breaking and lubrication station. (Every week)

14. During the operation of the equipment, check whether the individual shock absorbers at the bottom are suspended due to the foundation sinking or deformation of the steel frame, and the machine is not excessively shaken due to the force. (Ever week)

15. Check the accumulator pressure. (Every week)

16. Inspect and repair the frame guards and rib guards. (Every replacement of the liner)

17. Check the wear of the spherical tile. (Every replacement of the liner)

18. Check the wear of the taper sleeve. (Every replacement of the liner)

19. Check the wear of the upper friction disc. (Every replacement of the liner)

20. Check the bevel gear wear and clearance. (Every replacement of the liner)

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