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Operating Regulations for Vibrating Feeders

author:dahua1 time:2019-02-19

1. Preparation before starting:

(1) Read the duty record and deal with the remaining issues of the previous class:

(2) Check and eliminate any debris between the body and the chute, spring and bracket that affects the movement of the body;

(3) Carefully check that all fasteners are fully tightened;

(4) Check if the lubricating oil in the shaker is higher than the oil level;

(5) Check if the transmission belt is good; if it is found to be damaged, it should be replaced; when there is oil, use a rag to clean it;

(6) Check if the protective device is good and remove it when it is found to be unsafe.

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2. Start:

(1) After inspection, the machine and the transmission part are in normal condition and can be started;

(2) This unit is only allowed to start without load;

(3) If there is any abnormality after starting, stop immediately and wait until the abnormal situation is found and eliminated before starting again.

3. Use:

(1) After the machine is stable and vibrating, it can be run with material;

(2) The feeding should meet the load test requirements;

(3) The shutdown should be carried out in accordance with the process, and it is forbidden to stop the material or continue feeding after the shutdown.

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