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Sand and Stone System Debugging Work

author:dahua1 time:2019-02-18

1. Work preparation before debugging

(1) The equipment, auxiliary devices and pipelines have been installed, and the construction records and data are complete.

(2) Preparation of trial operation plan and operational procedures.

(3) The personnel participating in the trial operation should be familiar with the equipment structure, performance and technical documents, and master the operating procedures and operating methods.

(4) Clean the equipment and surrounding environment; Test equipment, testing instruments, safety protection facilities and with complete, and meet the requirements of operation.

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2. Single trial operation

Single trial run is conducted under the manual control mode:

(1) For the first power-on trial operation, the method of power-on is adopted, and the longest power-on time shall not exceed 5 seconds.

(2) Check whether all moving parts move well. After the first process is normal, the second trial run shall be conducted every 3 ~ 5 minutes. The second trial run time shall not exceed 60 seconds. Check all instruments.

(3) After the second operation, check whether the running parts are loose and the foundation bolts are loose.

(4) The third trial run shall not be more than 5 minutes, check the lubrication of the moving parts.

(5) The fourth trial run lasts 30-60 minutes. Should achieve no noise, oil temperature, oil pressure normal.

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3. Joint debugging of mechanical and electrical systems

Joint debugging of mechanical and electrical systems is carried out under manual control:

(1) Check whether the local switches are safe and reliable.

(2) Check whether there are any potential unsafe factors near all the mechanical equipment involved in the operation.

(3)The starting sequence for the first time is from low-power motor to high-power motor. If there is any problem in the power supply system, it shall stop immediately to find out and eliminate it.

(4) Start up the second time according to the starting sequence.

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