Product Knowledge

Operation Attentions of Hammer Crusher

author:dahua time:2018-01-31

Limestone, coal and the soft materials like gypsum are crushed by hammer crusher. Because hammer crusher is easy to operate and convenient for transportation, the second reason is low price and low investment cost. However, there is a obvious disadvantage of using the hammer crusher, it is short service life. What should be paid attention during the operation of hammer crusher?


1. The selection of materials shall be within the crushing scope of hammer crusher. The hard materials will accelerate the wear of the hammer head.


2. It must be taken trail run before putting into operation, ensuing each structure works normally.


3. During operation, if we heard abnormal sound, like clicking sound, metal striking noise, it's better to stop the machine and check the crushing cavity. Restart the machine after troubleshooting.


4. The size of raw materials controls within the feeding size of hammer crusher.


5. The feeding amount should not exceed the maximum processing capacity, otherwise, it will cause the machine overload operation and damage the parts.


6. When the temperature of machine rise too high, should stop the machine and check, especially the temperature of bearing cannot exceed 70℃.