Product Knowledge

Operation Procedure of Jaw Crusher

author:dahua time:2018-01-08

Jaw crusher is a common used crushing machine in ore production. Therefore, to know its operation procedure is helpful to enhance the crushing efficiency to some extent. Following is the procedure introduced by Luoyang Dahua:


1. Often check the discharging situation, if found it is blocked, should clean in time.


2. Adjust the opening size of jaw plate according to the required particle size.


3. It is not allowed to start the machine without protection cover or the cover is not intact to prevent personal accident.


4. Check the abrasion situation of side plate. If they are worn seriously, please replace.


5. Check the tightness and wear of the triangle belt (or flat belt). If it is too loose, or wear out seriously, it should be adjusted or replaced in time.


6. The jaw crusher is allowed to feed the materials when the equipment is running normally. The added material should be uniform and not allowed to add other materials.


7. Before stopping, the materials between jaw plates must be crushed completely, and then stop the machine.