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The Relationship between Crusher's Hammer Head and Its Material

author:dahua time:2018-01-05

What's the relationship between crusher's hammer head and its material?


The larger crusher of the feeding granularity exceeds 400mm should adopt the big hammer head of 50-125kg. The main composition is high manganese alloy steel, or alloyed high manganese steel.


The small and medium crusher of the feeding grabularity blow 200mm adopts the hammer head smaller than 50kg. The hammer head received samller impacting force, the harding capacity of ordinary high manganese steel cannot be fully played, thus it is not wearable. It's better to choose the alloy steel or low carbon alloy steel.


The small crusher of the feeding granularity below 50mm should adopt the hammer head of 15kg. Because the impact force of hammer head is smaller, it is not suitable to choose high manganese steel. We can choose medium carbon steel, or it is more suitable to choose composite hammer head.


The fine crusher of feeding granularity below 100mm should choose super-high-chromiun cast iron because of the moderate impacting force.