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Which Characteristics of Material will influence the Working Efficiency of Grinding Equipment?

author:dahua time:2018-01-03

As for the grinding equipment, the materials characteristics will influence the equipment working efficiency and output. Which characteristics will influence the working efficiency?


First of all, it is the material hardness. The hard materials are difficult to be processed into powder and waste grinding roller and ring. These materials directly affect the working efficiency and output, also increase the machine abrasion and the frequency of replacement parts will be higher.


Secondly, the water content of materials will affect the equipment efficiency and output. The high water content of the materials will decrease the output, and block the machine.


Thirdly is materials toughness. Although some materials are not very hard, they have high toughness that are not easy to be grinded into powder. This needs more time to grind, thus affecting the output.


Finally is the material particle size and shape. The larger the materials size, the more abrasion of the equipment, and less the output. The particle size below 5cm is suitable for grinding.