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Optimize the Wearing Parts of Sand Making Machine can Improve the Equipment Working Efficiency

author:dahua time:2018-04-09

In the actual production process, the quality of wearing parts of sand making machine directly influence the machine working efficiency. Experts from Luoyang Dahua consider that the comprehensive optimization of the wearing parts configuration can greatly enhance the working efficiency.


The central feeding pipe, conical cap, impeller upper and lower liner plate, circular guard plate and wear parts are the parts that contact with the materials, so they are easy to be worn. After worn out, the inspection and downtime for the replacement and repair of these parts would greatly reduce the working efficiency; therefore, the quality of the parts is the main factor of its working efficiency.


There are many researches on the working efficiency and operation method of sand making machine in the industry. In the past, we only focus on the operation method but ignore the quality of wearing parts, so during daily operation, we should pay attention to the maintenance and repair to prolong the service life and improve the working efficiency.