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The Demand of Society promotes the Development of Sand Making Machine

author:dahua time:2018-04-08

The infrastructural project develops with the development of society, and the sand making industry has great change which provides a new opportunity for this industry, and the cobble sand making machine is improved and developed rely on its advantages. Nowadays, the application of cobble sand making machine is becoming wider, and some industries have strong dependence on the cobble sand making machine. Under the constant stimulation of the market, the fast development of cobble sand making machine is taken for granted.


In recent year, the demand of cobble sand making is increased and also has more requirements for the sand making machine, so many sand making machine manufactures are continuously working to improve its performance.


Luoyang Dahua is an enterprise specialized in manufacturing and sales of cobble sand machine and other crushers. Over the years, we are trying to create a new developmnet idea to make sand making machine playing an important role in social production and fulfill the social duty. The PLS sand making machine (vertical impact crusher) was designed by our company firstly in China as a new-type of crusher, which has filled the gap of the national crushing industry at that time. It has two types, stone-beat-stone and stone-beat-iron, which is superior to other types of crusher especially for the materials with medium and high degree of hardness as well as hard abrasive materials such as silicon carbon, bauxite, magnesia and so on.