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Safe Operating Procedures for Rod Mill

author:dahua1 time:2019-04-02

(1) Check before driving and driving: Before driving, check whether the motor, gearbox and transmission parts are normal, and confirm the normal driving. When driving, first open the oil cup, then open the water gate, and then feed.

(2) Attention to the top of the operation: strictly observe the work position and carefully operate the equipment. Every half an hour after driving, check the equipment, constantly monitor the current and voltage, as well as the equipment operation, and find abnormal conditions. If you can't handle it yourself, stop it in time and report to the leader.

(3) It is generally not allowed to work under the running rod mill. In special circumstances, reliable safety measures must be taken and guarded by special personnel.

(4) When adding a steel rod to a rod mill, the proportion of the rod must be strictly matched to ensure the quality of the sanding.

(5) When the rod mill is temporarily repaired or overhauled, the safety card must be hung on the switch.

(6) The motor equipment is subject to smoke, mechanical fire, etc., and the operator should immediately stop and report to the collar.

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