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Safe Operation Rules of Spiral Classifier

author:dahua1 time:2019-04-08

1. Licensed operating conditions

① Which oil is not allowed to fall into the classifier tank;

② Each transmission part and reducer are well lubricated, and it is not easy to add oil to the convenient place to refuel;

③ Each protective device is firm and reliable, and the electrical facilities are sensitive and reliable.

(2) Checking parts and contents before starting up

① lubrication system

② Check if the oil volume of the gearbox and the open gear grease are sufficient;

③ Check the oil supply of each bearing fueling device.

2. The various parts of the body

① Check if the screws and keys of each part are loose;

② Check the tightness of the belt;

③ Check if the spiral blade is loose and excessively worn.

④ Electrical installation;

⑤ Check if the electrical switch and limit switch are in good condition.

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3. Run

① Cut into the power supply and press the start button;

② Pay attention to whether there is abnormal change;

③ Open the water supply valve;

④ It is forbidden to start when the spiral blade is buried by sand. If it is buried, the spiral part can be lifted by the lifting device; after starting, it will be slowly placed in the specified position.

4. Parking

① Stop the water supply;

② After all the sand in the tank is finished, press the stop button to stop;

③ After the parking, the spiral part should be raised into the sand surface;

④ If there is no notice of power failure or failure, immediately press the stop button and stop the water supply;

⑤ When the electrical appliance fails, the power should be cut off immediately and the electrician should be notified for repair. Do not handle it without authorization.