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Safety Regulation of Jaw Crusher

author:dahua time:2019-11-19

Jaw crusher is the common used stone crusher machine in mining industry. It has the features of simple structure, stable performance, high output, and convenient maintenance, which is widely applied in mining, metallurgy, highway construction, chemical industry, construction and other industries. When operating jaw crusher, pay attention to its safety regulations, even a small mistake can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, should carry on the operation according to the specification earnestly. 

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Basic safety 

1.1.1 conduct regular safety and maintenance training for relevant personnel.

1.1.2 strictly abide by the basic safety operating procedures and relevant safety rules.

1.1.3 hang warning board in dangerous area.

1.1.4 prepare appropriate protective equipment and tools.

1.1.5 management personnel must perform their duties to ensure that effective safety operating procedures and rules are formulated and observed.

Personnel safety

1.2.1 when the device is in operation, it is not allowed to climb on the device or touch the moving parts.

1.2.2 during the transportation and hoisting of equipment, no one is allowed to climb on the equipment.

1.2.3 do not operate the device when you are drunk or unable to concentrate due to other circumstances.

1.2.4 safety glasses should be worn to prevent flying debris, debris and dust from entering the eyes.

1.2.5 to prevent hair or clothes from being involved in the running parts, clothes and hats should be worn.

Workspace security

1.3.1 the work area shall be kept clean. There should be no stones, snow or ice on the passage, platform, ladder or under the conveyor.

1.3.2 no non-staff members are allowed to enter the work area.

1.3.3 all maintenance tools and other parts must be stored in a fixed designated location for easy use.

1.3.4 all personnel are strictly prohibited to stand under the lifting device.

1.3.5 the daily shift must check whether the starting alarm and alarm device in all work areas are normal.

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Safety equipment

1.4.1 change, damage or removal of warnings and safety signs is prohibited.

1.4.2 before each shift, all parts of the equipment should be checked. If any parts are damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time. It can be used when all parts are in good condition.

1.4.3 when using steel wire to move heavy objects, ensure that the steel wire rope specifications are appropriate and replace the worn, severely worn, severely scraped, broken or twisted steel wire rope. Check the end joint for wear.

1.4.4 start and stop the equipment in strict accordance with the start and stop steps provided in the manual.

1.4.5 during the operation of the equipment, the operator should always pay attention to the changes of instruments and meters and the operation of the equipment. In case of abnormal display or abnormal sound, the machine should be stopped immediately and the cause should be checked until the fault is eliminated.

1.4.6 during the maintenance, lubrication and adjustment of the equipment, it is necessary to stop the machine, then cut off the main power supply and lock the electric control cabinet.

Electrical safety

1.5.1 only qualified personnel who have received electrical training can operate electrical equipment.

1.5.2 in the area of electrical equipment and personnel engaged in electrical operations should be vigilant, in case of failure of electrical equipment, the operation of the equipment should be stopped immediately.

1.5.3 before starting the equipment, check that the grounding wire, motor wiring, power cord and other connections are correct and firm.

Welding safety

1.6.1 welding or cutting operations shall only be performed by persons who are experienced and familiar with the welding equipment and the base material to be welded.

1.6.2 pay special attention to spark or welding slag, and do not splash on other parts such as belts, tubing or workers.

1.6.3 during welding operation, please pay attention to not having any inflammable and explosive dangerous goods such as pressure vessels or gasoline around.

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