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Matters Needing Attention for Installation and starting up of Sand Aggregate Production Line

author:dahua1 time:2019-11-19

To ensure the efficient production of sand and gravel aggregate production line, reasonable installation is the premise, good operating habits and timely maintenance are important factors. Today, we will share with you the main points of installation, operation and maintenance of the gravel aggregate production line.

1. Set signs for controlling the thickness of the paving, such as horizontal standard piles or elevation piles, mine gravel production lines, or horizontal elevation lines or nailed horizontal elevations on fixed building walls, troughs and trench slopes. 

2. When the groundwater level is higher than the foundation of the foundation, the drainage or the groundwater level should be taken to keep the basement in a water-free state.

3. Before paving, the relevant units should be organized to jointly check the trough, including the axis size, horizontal elevation, geological conditions, such as holes, trenches, wells, etc. It should be done before the foundation is completed and the formalities should be handled.

4. Check whether the slope of the foundation groove and the pipe groove is stable, and remove the floating soil and accumulated water on the base.

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Operation points of crushed stone production line after the preparation of the crushing production line equipment; it should be operated according to the specified power-on sequence. There are five aspects to be noted:

1. When starting the main motor, pay attention to the ammeter on the control cabinet. After the peak current of 30-40s, the current of the crusher production line equipment will drop to the normal working current value.

2. In the normal operation process, the sand and gravel production line should pay attention to the current should not exceed the specified value for a long time.

3. After the jaw crusher is in normal operation, the feeder can be started, and according to the size of the block and the operation of the jaw crusher, the belt of the feeder is adjusted to change the feeding amount. Usually, the material stacking height in the crushing chamber is more than 2/3 of the height of the crushing chamber. The diameter of the block does not exceed 50%-60% of the width of the feed port, and the jaw crusher has a high production capacity. When the block is larger, it will cause blockage and affect normal production.

4. It is necessary to strictly prevent metal objects (such as shovel teeth, track shoes, drill bits, etc.) from entering the jaw crusher to avoid damage to the machine. When they pass the jaw crusher, they should immediately notify the next position operator to take out in time to prevent entry. The second-stage crusher system caused an accident.

5. When the electrical equipment is automatically tripped, if the cause is unknown, it is forbidden to forcibly start the crushing equipment continuously.