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Sand Making Machine Wear Parts Maintenance and Repair

author:dahua1 time:2019-04-26

What are the wear parts of the sand making machine? During sand making machine production operation the wear parts need to be timely replaced.

1.“V” Belt Maintenance. The tension of the driving “V” belt should be properly adjusted to make sure the belt is evenly loaded. When the machine is driven by double motors, the “V” belt beside the machine should be group matched and make sure the length of each side is the same.

2. Wear Parts Maintenance and Repair. Scheduled stop the sand making machine to inspect the inner wearing condition, especially for feeding pipe, conical cap, impeller, upper and lower liner of the impeller, circular guard plate, wear part. If those parts are worn out, please replace or repair the worn ones and the wear part should be replaced at the same time with the same weight. In order to avoid any dangerous, it is prohibited to open the inspection door to inspect the inner condition during the machine operation.

3. Maintenance of the Bearing. The bearing of the main shaft should be cleaned every 2000 working hours. Usually, the main shaft bearing should be replaced after 7200 working hours with new one. The upper part of the main shaft assembly is movable, while the lower bearing is fixed. After installation, you should push the belt by hand to test the sensitivity. 

Hence, in order to prolong the wear part service life, especially attention should be paid to wear parts maintenance and repair during machine daily usage.

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