Product Knowledge

Starting Attentions of Jaw Crusher

author:dahua time:2017-12-25

Jaw crusher is installed on the concrete foundation. Since the jaw crusher is heavy, and generates a lot of inertial force during working condition, which forces the foundation and machine vibrating. In order to ensure the jaw crusher working normally and fully play the production capacity, we must pay more attention on the correct operation of jaw crusher.
Before starting the machine, the following attentions need to be noted:
1. Start the machine when there are no people or nothing covered on the machine.
2. Observe the machine whether it runs stable, whether the voltage and current are normal, whether the belt pulley and fly wheel are loose. Only when the above attentions are normal, feed the materials.
3. The feeding must be uniform, cannot be too much or too little. Otherwise, it may cause the machine load unstable and the belt slipping.
4. The bearing temperature should not exceed 60℃.
5. Check whether the bolts on each part are loosen, whether the frame and anchor bolt are steady, whether the rotation part has noise.