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Stone Crusher Machine Manufacturer

author:dahua time:2021-02-17

I. How to choose stone crusher machine manufacture?

Luoyang Dahua crusher is widely used for crushing iron ore, construction waste, limestone and other materials because of its large crushing ratio, uniform product size and wide application range. Due to the increasingly high requirements of the crushing market, the strength and hardness of the crushing materials are high, the previous crusher has been stagnant and cannot meet the needs of users. In recent years, according to market changes, and combined with the needs of metallurgical, mining, construction and other industrial sectors, Luoyang Dahua has improved and upgraded the original crusher, and produced a new high-strength, high-efficiency crusher, which is widely praised by users.

stone crusher machine production site

II. What are the matters needing attention when buying crusher?

1). No matter what kind of equipment is invested, it is necessary to have an understanding of the whole production market, such as the dynamics of the market and the price of materials.

2). When purchasing stone crusher, we need to buy other auxiliary equipment, like feeder, transportation equipment and other equipment. At the same time, to understand the whole set of equipment configuration is also important. A production line is mainly configured with vibrating feeder, stone crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor and other products.

3). When choosing stone crusher, it is important to find a few manufacturers for comprehensive investigation and comparison. It is important to choose cost-effective equipment. Environmental treatment should be carried out for the production line, such as the installation of water spraying device and the installation of protective cover on the belt conveyor to ensure no dust.

4). For the wearing parts of the stone crusher, we need to check regularly and replace them in time, especially the wear of the hammer head, the loosening of the fixing bolts and the wear of the lining board.

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III. Luoyang Dahua Crusher service and after-sales service

1. Actively and enthusiastically treat every user who comes to Luoyang Dahua for visit or online consultation, patiently answer every question raised by users in detail, and understand the needs of each user.

2. We have a professional technical team that will carry out on-site inspection and test according to the actual situation of each user, and design a set of customer-specific production plan, so that users can achieve high profits in the production process.

3. Our company has a professional after-sales installation team, they are skilled, experienced. After the user purchase products, they will be on-site guidance installation and debugging, and help the user to train the operator, to ensure that it can standardize the independent operation.

4. In order to ensure that each user's interests will not be lost, the company will make irregular return visits to users, and provide professional technical guidance and product maintenance, so as to timely and effectively solve the problems encountered by users in the production process.

5. The company also provides users with mining machinery and equipment accessories, complete models, quality is guaranteed, to meet the needs of users, greatly shorten the machine maintenance time, improve the working efficiency of the crusher, effectively reduce the loss of users.

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