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The Correct Step of the First Test-Run of Vibrating Screen

author:dahua time:2018-01-10

1. Before starting the machine, the operator should check whether each part is correctly installed, and whether the bolts are tightened.

2. Check whether the lubrication oil is added for each part.

3. Check the fixed facility around the vibrating screen like feeding and discharging chute, check whether there is a collision between the hopper and accumulated materials. The distance is not less than 80mm.

4. Check whether the motor wiring and the steering is correct or not.


vibrating screen


5. If there appears abnormal situation or the spring bounces abnormally leading the vibrating screen cannot operation properly, the operator should stop the machine immediately. After trouble shooting, restart the machine.

6. The vibrating screen starts should be smooth, quick and without lateral oscillation (less than 1mm)

7. After the machine starts properly, it should be continuously running for 8 hours (at least 4h) to observe whether the machine runs normally. The bearing temperature is 50℃--65℃, if it is higher than 75℃ is abnormal.

8. After running 8 hours, should check whether the bolts are loose, and retighten the bolts every 24 hours.

9. The current must be stable during machine operation.