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The Equipment of Steel Slag Processing

author:dahua time:2018-01-16

Steel slag is the waste residue produced in metallurgical industry. Its production rate is 8%~15% of the output of crude steel. The steel slag output increases rapidly with the development of steel industry, therefore, the processing and resource utilization of waste slag is being paid more and more attention. 


Normally, the steel slag is crushed coarsely to separate large steel slag, and then through medium and fine crushing.


Luoyang Dahua developed dry process and wet process techniques for steel slag recycling. No water is required in dry process of steel slag production, the slag would be crushed, milled and magnetic processed and then changed into grade A or B waste steel, the iron content could be over 55% and the content of magnetic iron in 5-10mm tailing slag is below 2%. The product could be used in cement or steel fine powder after subside process. Welcome old and new customer contact us: