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The Main Abrasion Reason of Plate Hammer of Impact Crusher

author:dahua time:2018-03-26

The impact crusher use impacting force to break hard rocks, and many parts of the equipment are severely worn. Although the crusher's performance has been improved continuously in recent years, the wearing parts still need to be replaced. There are two main abrasion reasons of the plate hammer of impact crusher.


1. Improper selection of hammer structure. There are many structural style of plate hammer, and with the same material, the service life of  more effective wear and wear surface will be longer.


2. Improper selection of hammer texture. The common used material of plate hammer is high manganese steel. Since it has good toughness, high strength, good technology and also with a certain hardness, its surface will be hardening when receives large stress and impacting effect during the working condition to enhance the surface hardness. However, in practical application, due to the insufficient impact and stress, the surface hardening is not enough, and the wear resistance cannot be palyed well.


According to the treatment measures for the plate hammer, Luoyang Dahua summarized as follows:  firstly, it's better to choose low carbon alloy steel. Secondly, it's suggested to choose the hammer with large effective wear amount and wear surface, so as to prolong the hammer service life and increase the return of investors.