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The Road of Self-Research and Development of Enterprise

author:dahua time:2017-07-24

Since 2017, although the mining machinery industry developed in good condition, the demands for the crushers are increased, which makes a large number of crushers have appeared in the market. The enterprise wants to stand firm and win the initiative, must fine an innovation road that suitable for their development.


With the increasement of stone factory and dressing plant, we put forward a higher demand for the mining machinery quality and performance. Because of the fast construction step of infrastructure and the construction of "The belt and road", mining machinery enterprises only go the way of self research and development, can produce the satisfied equipments for the customer.


Looking around the mining machinery equipments, there are many places need to be modified for the enterprise, such as the crusher's processing capacity, used materials, increasement of environmental protection and the decrease of machine weight. To improve the crusher performance, it needs to enhance the independent development capacity to develop more automatic, intelligent and excellent equipment.