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The Rules of Lubrication Oil Used in Sand Making Machine

author:dahua time:2018-08-20

Sand making machine is used in the artificial sand making process of mountain rocks (basalt, granite, diabase, etc.), ore tailings, aggregates chips, etc. The crushed hardness and strength are higher than that of other types of crushers, so the spare parts are easy to be worn.


In order to improve this phenomenon and prolong the service life of spare parts, the best method is to take reasonable lubrication for these spare parts. Different crusher uses different lubrication oil. The technician from Luoyang Dahua put forwards three points on the oil usage according to the machine features and working condition to prolong the service life and enhance the working efficiency. 


1. Good corrosion resistance.

2. Good heat stability.

3. Good adaptation. 


Luoyang Dahua has more than 30 years in manufacturing various kinds of crushing machine, the PLS vertical impact crusher (sand making machine) fills the gap in sand making industry. There are different speeds (high, medium, low) to choose which can fully show the efficiency of the machine. It has the function of crushing, sand making and shape making. For more information, please contact or Skype: Crusher Dahua.