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The Use and Maintenance of Plate Feeder

author:dahua time:2019-01-02

Plate feeder belongs to the continuous transportation machine that equipped with traction components. It has many types and is used to transport block materials at aluminum oxide plant. Its working environment has many dust, bad lubrication condition and high material temperature, so it is necessary to care about the maintenance to prolong its service life.

1. The correct use of plate feeder

(1) Should add lubrication oil for the bearing, reducer and wheel, check whether the fastener is loose or not, whether there are obstacles in running parts before start the feeder, and also check the machine body and plate, if found damage must handle in time.

(2) Take no-load test to check current, and feed materials until it becomes normal.

(3) When take load test check whether the chain and wheel are flexible or not, whether the chain is off tracking, whether the chain plate, shaft, shaft sleeve and wheel are damaged or not, whether the plate is scraped or the screw is drop, whether the oil in lubrication point is sufficient, etc. 

(4) Often pay attention to the current fluctuation of the motor, found large fluctuation should find reason and solve it.

(5) There are many reasons to cause feeder stop automatically, maybe electrical fault, maybe material block. Do not start the machine before find the reason, or start repeatedly, in case to cause accident.

(6) Regularly check the tooth profile of sprocket, wear situation of wheel edge and its track. Replace them if needed. 

(7) Regularly check the tightness of traction chain, tighten the tension device if loose.

2. The maintenance of plate feeder

(1) Check the oil of the reducer, the oil is dirty or not. Add lubrication oil or change oil if found not meet the requirements.

(2) Found that the wheel does not move and has bad wear, and the sprocket tooth is thin, should replace a new one immediately, in case to cause accident.  

(3) Check the traction chain and the connection bolt of waveform trough plate is loose or not. If found, fasten the bolt.

(4) If the frame is bending, please reinforce it.

(5) Overall check after stopping the machine to check whether there are missing parts or damaged parts. 

(6) Clean the machine per shift.

(7) Keep the tension device flexible.

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